In our Supermarket you will find a gift card. By adopting the gift card we offer you 100 points. For every € 1 spent by the cardholder in our shop, either from foods and gifts, acquired automatically by 1 point on your card. Your points redeemed whenever you choose from the gifts, dowry departments. The points do not expire even after a period of 12 months. For every 1000 points you collect corresponding to € 10 gift selection from our supermarket.

1.This Card is property of Spyros Supermarket.
2.Our Copmany is not liable in case of loss or misuse by the card holder.
3.Our Company reserves the right to withdraw the card at any time in case of misuse.
4.This is not a credit Card. It can be used only as bonus card
5.Spyros Supermarket reserves the right to amend the terms and condtions or even to cancel/amend part of the scheme or all of it at any time.
6.Spyros Supermarket is not responsible for any mistakes or ommissions
7.For full details of terms and conditions please see the relevant literature in store.